A life tailored to your dreams

The brand CAMPO DE' FIORI originates from the beautiful Campo de' fiori flower square in the famous Italian city of Rome. Symbolizes wisdom, beauty, freedom, art, and fashion. Our commitment lies in enhancing people's living environment through innovative design and advanced technology, offering a diverse product matrix to global users and creating high-comfort smart living spaces. 

CAMPO DE' FIORI's product includes living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, focusing on exploring home culture and aesthetic life. With design and R&D centers established in Europe and Asia, we have an outstanding team of designers and craftsmen from Italy, Germany, France, and China. International perspective drives us to continuously pursue product innovation and original design while seeking comfort and artistic sensibility in the home environment.

A life tailored to your dreams
Brand Culture

Brand Culture

The company has a professional team composed of designers, architect and interior designers, researching international industry trends, art and interior decoration trends, exploring new Italian styles.

Brand Culture
  • Vision

    Lead a better home life

  • Mission

    Improving people's home life with design, creativity and technology

  • Values

    Dedication, love, focus, creativity, transcendence

  • Design Concept

    Emphasizing people-oriented, Italian-style products presenting

EU Standard Production
Campo de' fiori has always strived to find a balance between pure handcraft and the support of advanced technology. Our artisans require skilled craftsmanship, a lot of energy and a passion for their work. The team is energized by the constant pursuit of perfection. All our sofas, beds and armchairs are handmade. Each phase of the work underlines the high quality of artisans of Campo de' fiori: from the sketch of the designer, to the prototype, to the finished product. Only in this way we can guarantee the realization of excellent quality and unique personalization.

Brand profile

Selected Premium material
Our design team is acutely aware of the importance of top-quality materials. a selection of premium leather, frame, functional parts and other materials elevate the elegance of Campo de' fiori furniture product. The hides we used are mainly come from bulls bred in South America. Over the years, we have invested heavily in leather innovation and research so we can offer the most cutting edge and most popular leather options. It is also the only way to bring our customers high quality leathers which imbue our products with a superlative aesthetic edge.

Brand profile

The Brand department of Campo de' fiori, in collaboration with international fashion and home décor designers, come to life graphic design, advertising and showroom settings with enthusiasm and elegance, wisdom and beautiful, freedom and creativity. In order to transmit personality and imagination to Campo de' fiori collections.

Brand profile

Brand Strength

  • Forefront design

    Forefront design
  • Cutting-edge R&D

    Cutting-edge R&D
  • European quality

    European quality
  • Customization

  • Worldwide Popular

    Worldwide Popular
  • Headquarter

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2013 — 2017

Our Beginnings

Campo de' fiori was established in Italy. Relying on the hard power of production, collaborate with the well-known European designer team, we began to distribute our product to Europe and other high-end upholstery market.

2013 — 2017
2013 — 2017

Our Developments

Thanks to the creativity, expertise, and skills of our designers and craftsmen. products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, such as Europe and America, and more than 1000 distribute point worldwide.


Oversea Achievements

Campo de' fiori has become a high-end sofa brand in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and other European countries.


New Beginnings

In 2020, we relaunched the brand in china market and begin to open franchaise shop in China . The four collections are comprehensively enrich the product line, aiming to provide people with better product experience and make people's life more intelligent and comfortable.


Domestic Achievements

After four years of development, Campo de' fiori has opened more than 80 stores in the first and second tier markets in China. Campo de' fiori has become a popular brand of joint venture leather sofas in the Chinese market, which is deeply loved by consumers.

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